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WYCE-Gambia - Mission Statement

WYCE-Gambia has committed itself to supplement and compliment the efforts of the Government of The Gambia in the provision of excellent gainful educational opportunities, primary healthcare, life skills and employment facilities for the underprivileged communities to earn a sustainable decent standard of living in The Gambia.

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Our Story

Wonder Years Centre of Excellence (WYCE) is a charitable International Non-Government Organisation (NGO).

WYCE operates in the Western Region of The Gambia with it's headquarters in the village of Madina Salam. The programmes run from there focus on education, health, community development and self-sustainability. 

Hilary and Keith Walker, the founders of ‘Wonder Years Centre of Excellence’ (WYCE) also established ‘The Wonder Years Day Nursery Ltd. Wednesbury, West Midlands in 1994 and this nursery has now been twinned with the WYCE Nursery School in Madina Salam.


Our Approach

Our Story

Meet the Gambia Team

Based in the WYCE compound, the team co-ordinates the operation of the WYCE lodge and the Madina Salam project - a village of over 3000 people from five tribes: The Fula, The Balanta, The Wolof, The Mansuanka, and The Mandinka.

Lamin Kijera WYCE Gambia Country Director

Lamin Kijera

Country Director - The Gambia


Secretary of WYCE NGO and Country Director at WYCE Gambia. One of the original Gambian team on the project.

Malange Camara WYCE Gambia

Malang Camara

Lodge Manager - Madina Salam


A role with many facets, that ensures the smooth running of the lodge and all its internal and external activities.


Ensa Saidy

Catering and Transport Manager


Renowned cook and catering manager, overseeing the project's transport, and purchasing of food.

WYCE Board Members

WYCE Gambia NGO A78 has an elected board which oversees the running of the project and helps develop relationships both nationally and internationally. The current list of WYCE NGO board of directors.

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You can get involved with WYCE Gambia project in many, many ways. But the first step is always to see what you can do to help in person. So, why not plan a short trip and meet the team. We want to see you soon.