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We realise the current Covid 19 crisis is hard on everyone, wherever you live, and whatever your means. But please take a moment to read this appeal to see if you can help in any way.

Wonder Years International (WY Int.) is working alongside WYCE Gambia NGO during this serious pandemic, which is affecting the whole world as we write. 

To bring you up to date with life in The Gambia:- 

  • The Gambia is a country steeped in poverty for many reasons, but none caused by the people themselves. 
  • Over 50% of the population is under the age of 15 years. 
  • At this moment in time, in fear of the Corona virus pandemic, the whole country has now gone into ‘lockdown’. 
  • Like us here in the UK, hardly anyone can work to make a living and, as it is a ‘developing’ country, very few have the opportunity or facilities to ‘work from home’. 

The UK Government has put into place a good system to help the whole of the UK, although I’m sure some people will fall through the safety net that has been put in place. Through the systems here in the UK help will get to everyone of us if we are in need of it.

The Gambia’s safety net will not be as far reaching and many of the people of The Gambia will suffer deep malnutrition, illness and death before fully understanding the distructive power of Covid19. 

Please help if you can. Just click on the donate button and give a few pounds - every donation will help.


WY Int. has already been offered a number of generous donations towards the purchasing of the food. This will help towards the staple diet for the children of Madina Salam who will soon be desperately in need of nutritional food supplies. These children would usually be fed at school, but due to social distancing they will not.

We are setting up a ‘Food Bank’ to be handled by WYCE Gambia for the less fortunate people of the district around Madina Salam, to ensure every child and family receives regular food.

We’re planning for this to be an on-going fund, so that we can keep the people fit enough to survive this current pandemic.

Many of you have already come together in organising a container which we’re all preparing for the NGO’s work in November. If you can help, we thank you again, but if your circumstances are difficult too then please help us by sharing this plea with your families, friends, business partners, colleagues or anyone who may be able to help us.

This whole operation will be run and managed by the WYCE Gambia Team. They will handle all funds and order the food items and organise safe distribution.

Detailed account systems will be in place to monitor all finances, a chart of distribution will be carefully monitored and all data documented.

All donors will be regularly updated with photos and evidence showing transparency of the project.

We would like to thank you for your on-going support and look forward to sharing the progress of this Appeal with you all very soon.

Please stay well and keep safe during these very challenging times.

Hil and Keith Walker

Please help if you can. Just click on the donate button and give a few pounds - every donation will help.

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