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Primary Care Receives Upgraded Solar System

Good News! This week the primary healthcare centre, in Madina Salam, has been fitted with its new solar power system.

The new metal roof was replaced earlier in the wet season, removing the old split palm supports with a more durable metal construction.

The funds to add the upgraded solar panels was raised by a recent visitor to the WYCE project. Affik Choudhury visited the project earlier in the year, and started the JustGiving campaign when he and his family returned to the UK.

If you want to come along and check out the new roof 🙂 then you can book your stay from the booking section of this website. 100% (*) of the money raised from your visit will go directly to work at the WYCE project and the projects they support in Madina Salam.

If you have any questions about the WYCE project you can contact the country director directly by email: 

(*) 100% refers to money paid directly to the project via bank transfer. Some methods of payment (Paypal and Square) will require a transaction fee of between 1.75% - 2.5%.

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